New Product Alert: Meat Bundles

Now that we’ve picked up our first batch of 2021 hogs from the processor, we are able to start putting together meat bundles! We will have a couple options available, fitting different freezer sizes and budgets. If you would like to purchase a bundle, contact us and let us know when you’d like to pick up. We will not always be able to put these bundles together at the farmers market, so pre-ordering is the best way to make sure we have what you need. You can pick them up any time from the farm stand.

Mini Pork Sampler

Ground (1 plain, 1 flavor)2lb
Smoked Ham2lb
Regular Price$98
Bundle Price$90

Medium Pork Bundle

Jowl Bacon/Bacon Ends2lb
Pork Steaks3lb
Smoked Ham3lb
Regular Price$207
Bundle Price$185

Freezer Filler Bundle

Whole Chicken12lb
Mini Smoked Ham2lb
Bone Broth Ingredients5lb
Smoked Hocks2lb
Steaks and Chops5lb
Regular Price$330
Bundle Price$285

Photo of Freezer Filler Bundle coming soon

The weights for the items in the bundles will be approximate. The packages of meat are not consistently sized, but you will get at least the Regular Price value.

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