We Hate F***book

Intense title? Yeah, probably. Is it needed? Yeah, definitely. We hate Facebook, and unfortunately, we need to use it to run our business. This post is not about farming specifically, but about the marketing behind it. There will likely be some “strong language” but if you know the two of us in person, this language is our normal form of communication.

This is my comment, on my friend Sara’s Facebook post about moving into a home that had a pool table. Her partner Jason commented saying he knew how to re-cover and re-level pool tables. Jason is wicked smart, and immensely skilled at like… a lot of things, including lasers. He is Canadian, as am I. Hence the comment! Sara is also immensely talented, and has written about me previously. Now it’s my turn to write about how absolutely infuriating Facebook is. I am not nearly as skilled a writer as Sara, and I am not following the “rules” of writing. This is off the cuff, unedited, and just being thrown into the ether.

After leaving this comment, I was informed it goes against Facebook Community Standards. Apparently, “fucking Canadians” triggers the bots to put me in jail. Previously, “all except the white dude are sheep” put me in jail. Never mind the fact that I was talking about LITERAL LIVESTOCK, referring to anything as “white” or “sheep” completely fucking breaks Facebook’s bullshit warning system. So now I find myself in Facebook jail for a week, and I have some time on my hands. Hence, this blog post. I have received death threats, been told to un-alive myself because I told someone to Google something, and been told to go back to where I came from. None of those people were ever suspended, or penalized. Does Facebook have it out for me? Seems like it.

So now, what do I do? I need to use Facebook to market the farm. We have over 2500 followers on our Facebook page, and over 2000 on Instagram, which is owned by the Zuckerberg network. Many customers find us on both of those platforms, and now I cannot use the one that drives the most sales. I can post as much as I want here on our blog, on Twitter, TikTok, or YouTube, but that’s not where our customers are.

I Want To Be Where The People Are GIFs | Tenor
I’m like Ariel

Facebook is unfortunately the main place MANY farmers and small business owners do their marketing. Unfortunately, that means we are at their mercy. Some know it all marketing “experts” will say “Use your mailing list.” Which is, to be honest, some of the dumbest fucking advice ever for micro businesses where one or two people are doing all the work. The industry standard email open rate is 18%, and click through is less than 3%. The amount of work involved in writing an email versus the number of people who will see it is just completely not worth it. (This is one of the reasons we send out very few emails). Facebook posts stay there, and can easily be linked back to. I can use a years-old Facebook or Instagram post to illustrate a point, share more information, or provide cute animals as entertainment. Unless I’m in Facebook jail…

So where do we go from here? Who knows. I am frustrated and worn out. We are heading into a season that is normally very busy for us, but we are dialing things back quite a bit this year. (There will be a post about this at some point) While we wait for my Facebook jail sentence to end, I’ll be scrolling through TikTok and sharing cute videos of our animals.

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