Help Us Feed Folks In Need

With the holiday season upon us, many people in our local communities are finding themselves having to choose between gifts, food, utility payments, rent, and other ever-increasing bills, we want to help lessen the burden on folks. We are accepting financial donations to sponsor meat that will be given to local charities and directly toContinue reading “Help Us Feed Folks In Need”

Sign Up For Our Mailing List and be Entered To Win a Shirt Of Your Choice!

It’s no secret that online marketing is getting more and more difficult. We have seen our traffic on all platforms plummet, and we are struggling to have our products and content be seen. We want to you to know what is happening here! To get past that, we are sending out a weekly email lettingContinue reading “Sign Up For Our Mailing List and be Entered To Win a Shirt Of Your Choice!”

We Hate F***book

Intense title? Yeah, probably. Is it needed? Yeah, definitely. We hate Facebook, and unfortunately, we need to use it to run our business. This post is not about farming specifically, but about the marketing behind it. There will likely be some “strong language” but if you know the two of us in person, this languageContinue reading “We Hate F***book”

Recipe: Apocalypse Pierogy Reverse Hash

Being that we have been casually referring to our current existence as The Apocalypse, we have started calling almost everything we do “The Apocalypse _____”. So now we have Apocalypse Beers instead of beers, we watch Apocalypse TV, as opposed to just watching boring TV. This doesn’t change when it comes to our food. ButContinue reading “Recipe: Apocalypse Pierogy Reverse Hash”

Supplementing Copper for Goats

Different species of animals have very different nutritional needs. This is why there are so many types of feed at local feed mills and farm stores. There are even different nutritional needs between animals of the same species being used for different purposes. For example, broiler chickens need more protein and less calcium than eggContinue reading “Supplementing Copper for Goats”