The 2021 CSA: Better Late Than Never!

We have procrastinated on mentioning our CSA this year, because we wanted to make sure we would have enough meat for our regular weekly customers and anyone who wants to buy in bulk. So now, more than halfway through the year, here is the info for our CSA! If you don’t need all the details and want to get right to purchasing, you can find that link right here! The discount codes are below.

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” Farming is an expensive endeavor that requires a lot of upfront investment, and the returns take a while to show. Having a CSA means that farmers can get an influx of capital up-front, and customers usually get a discount for making that investment early on.

What makes our CSA different?
We are asking for a purchase of a CSA membership upfront in a set amount of $100, $250 or $500. This will get you what is essentially a Frontière Farm House gift card loaded with that amount that you can use at any of our markets. We have plastic gift cards for anyone who is interested, or the link below is for e-gift cards. There is no expiration date on the card, and it can be topped up whenever is convenient for you, in any amount you choose. You can spend as much or as little as you want, when you want. You do not need to pick up weekly, and you get to choose exactly what you receive.

What do you get with the membership?
With this purchase, we are offering a bonus on loading and reloading the card, as follows:
$100 purchase gets you: $110 (an extra 10%) with the code ONEHUNDRED
$250 purchase gets you: $281.25 (an extra 12.5%) with the code TWOFIFTY
$500 purchase gets you: $575 (an extra 15%) with the code FIVEHUNDRED
Be sure to use that discount code here!

What can you get with the CSA?
The short answer to this is: anything we sell in person! Whether at the market, at our farm stand, or at another in person event, the plastic and digital gift cards can be used! Eggs, meat, knit items, garlic, yarn, soap, hats, stickers, and almost anything else we have for sale can all be purchased with the gift cards.

What can you NOT get with the gift card?
Our only restrictions are as follows: You cannot use the gift card to purchase items that are already at a discount. Whole/half pigs or lambs, as well as Egg CSAs cannot be purchased with the CSA card. We cannot accept the CSA cards as payment in our online store either, but we do sell the majority of those items in person. If you are confused about this, feel free to send us a message or an email, or give us a call to ask for any clarification.

If you are ready to purchase you can do that right here. To get the bonus for your CSA level use the codes ONEHUNDRED, TWOFIFTY, or FIVEHUNDRED for the respective amounts you’d like to purchase! Using the code will discount your card to the amount owed.

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