2020 Pork Price List

There is more information about pork coming soon, but this is just our quick price list so folks know what they’re getting into! Keep in mind, this is the 2020 pork price list, and may change in the future. Future price lists will make this one invalid. So, here goes!

ItemPrice per pound
Bacon (uncured, smoked)$12.00
Bratwurst (four per pack)$8.50
Breakfast Sausage (bulk ground)$7.50
Chops (regular or T-bone)$10.00
Ground (plain, bulk)$7.50
Ham (~2lb, uncured, smoked)$10.00
Ham Steak (not smoked)$10.00
Hock (uncured, smoked)$6.00
Jowl Bacon (whole, uncured, smoked)$10.00
Loin Rack$8.00
Rib Tips$7.00

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